Want more marketing impact in 2014? Start with your web efforts

want more marketing impact

Shrinking budgets and heavy segmentation of customers are challenging marketers to be in more and more places. Get the most out of your 2014 marketing budgets by enhancing your web efforts.

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Engaging Connected Customers In the Digital Age

Almost anything you read today talks about customer engagement and customer experience. It’s not because those are the latest buzzwords, it’s because customer engagement and experience really affects your bottom line. 90% of the respondents in The State Of Customer Experience Management, 2013 survey conducted by Forrester Research indicated that customer experience is a top […]

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What is Responsive Design

Responsive Website Design

Most experts say that 2013 will be the year of “Responsive”. Designing your website or email is merely the first step in making your customer experience mobile friendly.

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Thinking Beyond Social – Social Media Rockstar 3

Social Media Rockstar

Come see me at Social Media Rockstar and find out why you should think beyond social media and start looking at your digital presence holistically.

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The New Email Imperative – Marketers Must Optimize Email for a Mobile World

Email on mobile smart phone

Marketers are facing a new challenge with email newsletters. Customers are managing and reading on mobile devices more and more. It’s important that email newsletters are optimized for mobile devices. Here are four steps that you can take now to optimize your email campaign.

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How search engines work by Google

How Does Search Engines Work

Google recently released a very cool interactive infographic that explains the technical side of how search engines work very well.

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