This blog is the very official personal blog of Pre Priyadarshane.

This blog is an online marketing resource for small business. I hope that Web Strategy for Small Business Blog will help you create and maintain a effective web presence. I hope to keep this blog updated frequently with tips that will help you to

  • create and maintain a web presence for your small business
  • market your business online
  • tools and gadgets that will help
    you become effective or just make you look like a geek 🙂
  • manage your web projects effectively

About Pre Pri.ya.dar.shane

So yes, I guess you can say “what?”. It’s Pre Pri.ya.dar.shane – I learned that trick from Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a great social media marketer. Thanks Gary!

Ok, back to me. I’m a digital strategist. I currently work as the Chief Digital Officer at North Woods .

Over the last fifteen or so years that I have helped small and large companies with website development and online marketing and digital strategy. I still see small businesses and large organizations alike, struggling with their digital strategy. It’s not all that hard with tools that are available today. I hope you find this helpful. If you do, contribute so that others benefit from what you’ve learned too.