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Every business leader knows that technology and AI can help businesses grow by making work efficient and by providing better customer experiences. But many wonder where to start, and how to begin incorporating these technologies to their business model. I help businesses remain competitive and achieve long-term success by adopting technology.

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Experience and extensive research about the use technology and artificial  intelligence within companies led to the creation of this blog. The aim is to share this knowledge with business leaders who are looking to utilize technology to enhance their employee productivity.

Evaluating Your Web Presence

What is your web presence? Simply put it is what people can find about your business online. This includes your website, listings you have on


Don’t ask for the latest acronym

I got a request today for a HTML5 website. I’m always afraid when a client asks for a specific technology. I’ve gone through this very


Where I’ve been…

I haven’t been keeping this blog updated for the past couple of months. I’m sorry that I was away. I was transitioning into a new