What is zero moment of truth (ZMOT)? A change in your buyer behavior.

Zero Moment of Truth? What is that you ask? It is the moment when your customer becomes interested, inspired or needs the product or service you offer. This is the moment when YOU can influence your customers purchase decision. Where does ZMOT occur and what happens next? In today’s mobile world, this could occur anywhere. It […]

Google’s “Search Plus Your World” – search results +social

Google recently rolled out “Search Plus Your World” – one of the most radical changes search has ever seen. Google’s results now contain public Google+ content, Google+ content that was shared with you, and Google+ content that you’ve shared. Search Plus Your World only works when you’re signed in to Google. It aims to further personalize your […]

How search engines work

I’ve had several discussions regarding how search engines work with several marketers lately. I felt it’s time for a post that explained how search worked. Having a basic understanding of how search works will help marketers and business owners. Search engines are in the business of providing relevant information to searchers. When search engines index and rank your […]

Connected Consumer – A Business Challenge and An Opportunity

I was recently looking for a point and shoot camera. I immediately went on CNET.com read editor reviews, then to Amazon.com to read user reviews to select the camera that I wanted to purchase. Several years ago, I had done the same thing, only differently. I had gone to the local Best Buy and Circuit […]