Google’s “Search Plus Your World” – search results +social

Google recently rolled out “Search Plus Your World” – one of the most radical changes search has ever seen. Google’s results now contain public Google+ content, Google+ content that was shared with you, and Google+ content that you’ve shared. Search Plus Your World only works when you’re signed in to Google. It aims to further personalize your […]

How search engines work

I’ve had several discussions regarding how search engines work with several marketers lately. I felt it’s time for a post that explained how search worked. Having a basic understanding of how search works will help marketers and business owners. Search engines are in the business of providing relevant information to searchers. When search engines index and rank your […]

Connected Consumer – A Business Challenge and An Opportunity

I was recently looking for a point and shoot camera. I immediately went on read editor reviews, then to to read user reviews to select the camera that I wanted to purchase. Several years ago, I had done the same thing, only differently. I had gone to the local Best Buy and Circuit […]

Three Easy Steps to Dominate Local Search Results

Local search is becoming more and more important as users turn to search engines to find restaurants, dental care providers, and just about anything that comes to mind. Smart phones have contributed to this growing trend. As more gain access to these devices, local search will become more important your business, at least it should […]

How to create an effective Google Place Page for your small business

If you don’t already have a Google Place Page, its time you did. This post will guide you to create an effective Google Place Page. If you have a website or not, Google Places will help you become visible in the local web searches. This is today’s Yellow Page listing, trust me. According to ComScore […]

Find out if your business has a Google Place Page

Let’s assume your business name is The Fitness Firm and you are located in Green Bay area. 1.0) Do a Google search for your business name first (, your search phrase should be The Fitness Firm Green Bay. You’ll get something like following: No Google Places Page You will notice that here the third listing […]